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The Salvation Army Empire State Division - Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation: Addiction Recovery

The Salvation Army Rehabilitation

Winning the Fight Against Addiction

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC's) are the largest resident substance abuse rehabilitation program in the United States. Individuals with identifiable and treatable needs go to these centers for help when they no longer are able to cope with their problems. There, they receive adequate housing, nourishing meals, and necessary medical care, and they engage in work therapy, spiritual guidance, and skilled counseling in clean and wholesome surroundings. An after-care program helps the people graduating from this rehabilitation program to transition back into the community.

The Adult Rehabilitation program and services are made possible through the generosity of those who donate goods to be sold in our family thrift stores.

The struggle to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol is intense. Every day at our Adult Rehabilitation Center, people are winning that fight. Our rehabilitation programs offer compassion to help people break free from chains – whether those of addiction or repeat incarceration – to find a new life path and reclaim lost hope. We offer a starting point on the path to freedom with counseling, patience, prayer and a limitless supply of God’s love.


“I learned more in my 11 months at The Salvation Army than I learned in 42 years of life.”

Husband. Father. Businessman. Paul had a good life. Then he lost it all to alcohol and crack cocaine.

“I did things I never thought I would do … Using around my kids. Lying to my children and my family. Stealing from my family. Stealing from my company.”

Paul went to two or three different treatment centers to try and get the help he needed, but none were spiritually based. “I still had a huge hole inside me. A lot of guilt. A lot of shame.” Homeless and spiritually bankrupt, Paul finally walked into the chapel of The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, hit his knees and said, “God, I give up.”

But God hadn’t given up on him. “He was there. Through The Salvation Army, He was there.” Now clean and sober, Paul has reunited with his children, rejoined his family business and reclaimed his soul.

“The Salvation Army gave me a chance at redemption. They saved my life … a life I cherish today.”