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The Salvation Army Angel tree Program

What is an Angel Tree?

The Salvation Army Angel Tree program is an opportunity to spread joy and cheer to the less fortunate during the holidays. Whether you are an individual, family, organization, church, business or club, you can help make a difference by accepting any number of Angel Tree “tags” from The Salvation Army.

Where Do the Tag Wishes Come From/Who Receives the Gift(s)?

Angel Tree tags represent the Christmas wishes of a child or senior citizen that takes part in our local Salvation Army programs. This specific group may not have the resources to provide Christmas gifts or winter clothing during the holidays. Through the Angel Tree program, families and children write down their specific needs and gift wishes on a tag, which are then met, providing a warm and joyous holiday experience.

How It Works

  1. Angel Tree tags are printed by The Salvation Army and distributed to those hosting an Angel Tree to hang the tags like ornaments.
  2. Anyone can choose a tag off the tree to go shopping for the specific items listed. Choose one tag or multiple tags.
  3. Return the items purchased to the same tree location by the specified date on the tag. We ask that the items stay unwrapped so we may ensure all safety standards. You may also include wrapping paper or a gift bag, etc if you would like. Include the tag with your items so we know who to deliver the wrapped gifts to.
  4. Santa's Helpers (Employees of The Salvation Army) deliver the Angel Tree gifts on specified dates to the families/individuals that took part in the program. 
  5. What if I want to donate a general gift?
    Simply purchase a new toy, boots, gloves, outerwear - anything you would like to give to a child or senior citizen in need - and drop it off (unwrapped, please) at your nearest Salvation Army Corps location.



Angel Tree Dates

Nov.1st - Dec.20th


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