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16 November 2018

For more than a year, Jenn could barely leave her home

Your support for The Salvation Army gave her new strength.

There was a time when Jenn always had a smile on her face. “I was happy, and I liked to cheer others up,” she remembers. But her life has been difficult, and the scars of cruelty she suffered at the hands of people she trusted contributed to mental illness and addiction. That history, coupled with a sudden onset of inexplicable ill health, broke her spirit.

“I knew something was wrong,” she says. “I was losing strength.”

But doctors could find no cause, and the implication — that it was “in her head” — left Jenn devastated, especially because of her previous struggles with mental illness. “I felt hopeless and suicidal,” she says. One month later, doctors finally discovered the reason for her failing health: a dangerous blood clot in her leg. Despite this vindication, Jenn remained trapped in dark depression.

Finding new hope and purpose

Jenn stayed shuttered in her home for nearly a year, until a friend suggested she turn to The Salvation Army for hope and new purpose. Thanks to your generous support, she found all that — and more. She was accepted, loved, and encouraged. She began volunteering, and became indispensable — often serving more than five days a week!

Today, Jenn’s broken spirit has been replaced with a heart full of gratitude. “I know God put me here for a reason, and I’m so thankful. I love supporting the people who come here for help. I feel a sense of purpose that I never had before.”

Every day, people come to The Salvation Army with all manner of needs. Whether that’s food, shelter, or new hope, your support ensures we can be there for them. Discover the joy of giving back to your community; become a Salvation Army volunteer TODAY! Thank you!

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