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The Salvation Army of Niagara Falls, NY

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The Salvation Army of Niagara Falls, NY
7018 Buffalo Avenue
Niagara Falls, NY 14304
P: (716) 283-7697

The Salvation Army of Niagara Falls

We are a family of families working to impact our community for God! We share the love of Christ in practical ways that make a difference the lives we encounter. Captains Delia and Stephen Carroll work alongside our congregation, community volunteers, and a small staff to accomplish the work of The Salvation Army in Niagara Falls, New York to meet human need in Jesus' name. Our services include a ‘Consumer Choice’ food pantry, community garden, youth archery program, High School equivilency prep class, elementary and middle school tutoring, as well as various worship and church opportunities. We hope to meet you all soon!

Meet Our Leaders - Captains Delia & Stephen Carroll

Both of the Carrolls come from Salvation Army families and have been involved with the Army and its work their entire lives. Prior to entering the Salvation Army’s College for Officer Training in 2002, Delia worked as the administrative assistant for The Salvation Army’s Project 117 (School for Youth Ministry and Mission) and Stephen worked as the youth ministry director for Rockland County, NY. As a result of their experiences at Ground Zero on September 11th, 2001, the Carrolls have committed their lives to the service of God as officers in The Salvation Army.

The Carrolls have family ties to both the city of Niagara Falls and to The Salvation Army corps in Niagara Falls. Captain Delia’s great-grandparents, Charles and Mary Moore, directed The Salvation Army’s Griffon Manor outreach programs in the 1940s. Captain Delia's grandfather, Major Daniel Moore, went to The Salvation Army Seminary from Niagara Falls in the early 1950s. Captain Stephen’s mother was one of the children impacted by The Salvation Army youth outreach programs in the 1960s.

Captain Stephen Carroll is currently serving as President of the Niagara Falls Kiwanis Club, which is celebrating their 100th year of service to the Niagara Falls and LaSalle communities this May. The Carrolls, along with their 4 sons, Logan (14), Lance (10), Lucas (7) and Levi (4), look forward to many more years of serving the Lord through the ministry He provides them at The Salvation Army in Niagara Falls.

The Food Pantry

Our food pantry is a ‘consumer choice’ pantry. Which means our guests are invited to ‘shop’ our shelves within certain guidelines dictated by family size.  The pantry is supported by the Food Bank of WNY and local donors. We are a part of the county wide, food pantry system and serve the 14304 zip code. Our clients are able to come for supplemental food, once per month. They can expect to be greeted and treated with respect and dignity.

Community Garden

Our community garden is used to supplement our food pantry with fresh produce options. The garden provides daily produce items from mid June through early October (season permitting).


HisPins Archery Program

Is a free faith based coed archery program open to young people between the ages of 8 and 18. The Instructors are Olympic certified. This program meets in six week cycles. Parent or legal guardian are required to fill out an application insuruance waiver and consent to photograph.

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Weekly Schedule

Daily (Monday - Friday)  
Office Open 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
(Wed: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM)
Food Pantry By Appt.
Fellowship 9:30 AM
Sunday School 9:45 AM
Worship Service 11:00 AM
Archery Class A 4:00 PM
Archery Class B 5:00 PM
Brass Instrument Lessons 4:00 PM
Vocal Lessons 4:30 PM
Dance 4:45 PM
Timbrels 5:15 PM
"Songster Company" 6:00 PM
Sr. Band 6:30 PM
Praise/Worship Practice 7:15 PM
Drama Practice 5:30 PM
Jr./Sr. Bible Bowl Quizzing 6:00 PM
Adult Bible Study 6:00 PM
Women's Ministries 7:00 PM