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NSAW 2018 is May 14th - 20th

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 43.1 million Americans live in poverty, and millions more live near the poverty line. Approximately half of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and one-third of adults between 18 and 64 live in low-income households.

The Need in America

The Salvation Army operates more than 7,500 centers in communities across the United States, each of which collects high-quality data on a wide variety of poverty-related social services. The first multi-dimensional measure of human need based on objective data from a nonprofit on the front lines of providing social services, the Human Needs Index serves as a powerful tool to track basic human need, with different indicators and less lag time than conventional government data.

How We Measure Need

Learn a Little. Help a Lot.

Learn more about the level of basic need in America with the Human Needs Index. You can help out by spreading awareness and signing up to become a volunteer in your local community. 

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