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Ring a Bell For The Salvation Army

Take The #SnowAngelChallenge

The Salvation Army is seeing more and more people exposed to the hazards of poverty than ever before - some of them for the first time. Take the #SnowAngelChallenge to lift neighbors in need out of poverty.

The Salvation Army #SnowAngelChallenge

Take the #SnowAngelChallenge

In partnership with Visit Syracuse and #TheOfficialHomeOfWinter, The Salvation Army is having a #SnowAngelChallenge to help stop the snowball effect that leads to poverty.

Why the #SnowAngelChallenge?

There is a situation known as the "SNOWBALL EFFECT" where problems start to get larger...and seem to pile on top of each other - until you're trying to hold off an avalanche all by yourself. If you've ever seen the bills pile on all at once, you know the stress it can create and the problems it can cause. Far too many people succumb to the avalanche.

Here in the Official Home of Winter, we want to help everyone have a safe and comfortable season. We're asking you to be a Snow Angel. Participation in the #SnowAngelChallenge accompanied by your donation can relieve the pressures weighing down on our struggling neighbors here in Onondaga County. Once the burdens looming over our neighbors' heads are lifted, good things start to happen again.

How To Help

  1. Make a snow angel and take a photo or video
  2. Contribute to The Salvation Army (Donate here)
  3. Share your snow angel on social media with the hashtag #SnowAngelChallenge
  4. Challenge your friends and family to do the same