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Faces of The Army: Empire State Division welcomes new Officers focused on Adult Rehabilitation
13 August 2015
Empire Division welcomes new officers at Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers in Binghamton and Syracuse.
Faces of The Army | Miss Deeon, Volunteer at The Salvation Army Albany Volunteer
28 July 2015
Albany’s volunteer, Deeon Fields, is a strong connection between her community and The Salvation Army.
The Salvation Army Helps Homeless Immigrant Become Self-Sufficient
24 July 2015
Solving an immigrant’s homelessness was only the first step in helping Joseph to achieve his goals
Rejected and Alone in Rochester
17 July 2015
Mary’s plan of moving from North Carolina to Rochester to live with a friend didn’t work out and she became homeless and alone.
Ending Homelessness for Eugene Involves Solving Many Problems
13 July 2015
Homelessness is an anxiety filled situation with many different issues that wrap together to keep a person from succeeding.
Lockport - Rebuilding hope, renewing lives
08 July 2015
One student from the Lockport Salvation Army shares her story of how The Salvation Army helped her family.
Earning a second chance at success
07 July 2015
The Salvation Army Genesis House provides shelter to homeless and runaway youth in the Greater Rochester area.
Happy Anniversary to The Salvation Army. The Founder of the Army, William Booth was a Victorian era visionary and his legacy continues today.
02 July 2015
For our Faces of the Army today, we reprint an article about William Booth that was published in The War Cry on March 27, 2004.
Needing shelter means more than needing a bed
30 June 2015
When a person is homeless, it means more than not having adequate housing.
Providing a Path of Hope for the Homeless
28 June 2015
Poverty affects all of us. Each time we help a family or a child rise out of poverty, we are helping our entire community.
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